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Hello! My name is Charesa Gayle-Mulhall, and I am the Founder of The Complete Feminine, and a certified Divine Femininity and Dating Coach. I am a Wife, a Mother, a divorcee, and professional Manifestor!

A few year ago, my marriage imploded, and I found myself a single mother overnight. I was drowning in debt, had a house full of stock from a failed business venture, I was working and studying full-time, and I was the main bread winner in my household, before and after the implosion of my marriage! I was stressed, depressed, and trying to keep it all together.

My ex? He moved out, had a new partner within a week (that he swears he met after he left…) and had his parents pay for his new life. He left it up to me to pay for the house, the bills, the nursery fees, and the debts acquired during our marriage. I felt more anger than I had EVER felt in my life! I was broken. I felt betrayed, heartbroken, alone, and severely depressed...

Now? I have healed myself, cleared my debt, and manifested my Husband who is the Divine Masculine Man of My Dreams! He cherishes me and my child, I adore him. I am a Housewife by day and a Divine Femininity & Dating Coach by night!

I help woman bounce back from devastation, transform their lives, embrace their Divine Femininity, Level-Up every area of their lives, become High-Value Women, manifest the man of their dreams AND so much more!!! I help women claim their lives back! Come and join the Community!

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